Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fat Girl

I will start this blogging journey as a fat girl.  Listen, I'm not coming down on myself and CERTAINLY (with eye roll included) am not looking for "you're not fat" lies of 'encouragement'.  The thing is, I know I'm fat (chunky, chubby, fluffy, etc.).  I'm okay with it, too... sort of.  I'm proud to be where I am now though... 50 lbs down from where I started a little over a year ago!  So... go me?
The point is, I suppose, that I'm learning to love myself, no matter what size I am.  Trust me, I don't want to be this big forever (I have quite the poundage to drop before I get to my 'goal'), but I will love myself along the way.  The difference now is that I am happy in my life, I know that I am exactly where God wants me to be, and I have an amazingly supportive family.  I have NO idea what I did to get so lucky.  Seriously... I've done some stupid things.

So to get to my goal of a non-fat girl (I won't say skinny because, truthfully, I will probably never be skinny... and I'm fine with that) I will control my portions, I will control my portions, I will control my portions.  Sorry, I have to remind myself of that (I mean, who really wants to only eat a golf ball size of mashed potatoes?).  In addition to 'controlling my portions', I will lift weights, practice Yoga, Zumba, and Turbo Kick.

My favorite of these is Yoga (this pose is called The Plow, yes I can do long as my D cups don't suffocate me).  I always feel so balanced, centered, and strong after practicing Yoga.  Really.  While I like Zumba and Turbo Kick, I'll be candid, cardio and I are not old friends; more like acquaintances who merely tolerate one another.  Weights and I are pretty good pals though.

In all honesty, I have (realistically) 50 lbs left to lose (unrealistically 70, but a girl's got to dream, eh?).  But until then, I will love every mushy, dimply, jiggly inch of me.  I don't need to be what everyone else thinks I should be.  I just want to get healthy and love myself in the process.
I hope that you can enjoy this journey with me.  Remember... you're In Good Company.


  1. Awesome girl! Love it and I have missed reading your blogs. I too am working at becoming less fluffy :) Excited to read more!

  2. You got this girl! You are being supported by many.

  3. So excited to follow your journey and your blog! miss you girl.


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