Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top Ten...So Far

So I've officially lost my holiday pounds, FINALLY, plus a few more and I'm feeling great!  I decided to compile a top ten list of the best things about exercising and weight loss (so far).  Here goes:

10:  I finally weigh less than my husband.  He has started to workout pretty diligently so this means that I will have to start working twice as hard to maintain this achievement (he can just think about exercising and lose weight), but, right now, I am really proud!

9. I had the confidence to teach my first Yoga class, and will be beginning my instructor certification very soon.  A few months ago I thought that I would need to lose 50 more pounds before I could start instructing, how silly!  You don't have to be skinny to instruct, you just have to be motivated (and flexible).

8. When I get out of the shower and wrap myself in a towel, the edges of the towel actually touch now!  It's like the towel seams are neighbors instead of foreign countries.

7.  When I look down, I can see my toes (and I can polish them without being out of breath).  Enough said.

6.  It feels like shopping every time I can fit into an previously outgrown shirt or pair of jeans.

5.  I can run (well jog, anyway) up a flight of stairs without feeling winded.

4.  I have much more energy and I sleep so much better.

3.  Because I have a positive outlet for any frustrations I may have, I am a much better wife and mother.

2.  I have a sense of humor again.  I have been so displeased with my appearance that I was starting to become sort of sour (and that's not me at all).

1.  My son is benefiting socially from playing with other children during at the gym daycare.

So here's to the next 50 lbs and to getting healthy, mind AND body.
Remember....... You're In Good Company.

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