Monday, February 14, 2011

Crashing Off The Horse

I have a confession.  I have not worked out in over two weeks (with the exception of teaching one Yoga class).  I'm not being lazy (although I feel it), I have been sick, my son has been sick, or it's just been too darn cold to leave the house.  The problem with skipping workouts is that I make horrible (and I do mean horrible) food choices when I am not active.
It's not even like I consciously say "I didn't workout today so I'm going to fill up on junk."  When we make one smart choice, it tends to flow over into other areas.  On the flip side of that, on days when I workout, I am very careful about what I eat so that I don't ruin what I did in the gym.
I suppose that while being stuck in the house the last few weeks I should have taken the time to do some floor exercises during nap time.  But I just cannot get motivated at home to workout.  I see dusting that needs to be done, Days of Our Lives that needs to be watched, dishes that need rinsed, laundry that needs folded, floors that need mopped, beds that need made, etc.  My spastic ADHD mind (my husband tells me I have hamsters running around in my brain) can't concentrate on working out at home.  When I'm at the gym, I am 100% dedicated to my workout.  At home... hamster brain (I imagine this is because there are always a million and one things a mommy needs to complete during the duration of nap time).
So, back to poor food choices.  My snack over the last few weeks?  I'm embarrassed to tell you.  But I'm going to anyway.  I spread crunchy peanut butter on two whole graham crackers, and, before putting them together, place a whole Hershey Bar in the middle.  Break in half, enjoy with milk.  Seriously, it's delicious.  But come on!  I know better than to eat like that!  I've worked my hiney off to lose 50 lbs and snacks like that are going to have me digging in the attic for my tote of fat (fatter anyway) clothes.  Every once in a while, snacks like that are fine, but not every day.  And yes, I did eat that every day until my stash of Hershey's was depleted (too bad my husband found them and decided I should share with him).  Did I mention my friend Ashley brought me a Valentine's treat of puppy chow today?  Delicious... and almost gone.
So, I suppose my confession isn't that I haven't worked out in two weeks, it's that I have crashed head first off of the horse into a pile of gravel.  I am really dreading weighing in at the gym tomorrow, but, for my own good, I have to.  I have climb back on the proverbial horse and get my booty back on track!  That being said, today is Valentine's Day.  And I firmly stand by my belief that a 'box of chocolates' implies a single serving... no matter how big the box.
Tomorrow, after we finish all these chocolates, we can work on being better together.  Right now, we're great, just the way we are.  Remember... you're In Good Company.

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