Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Never Too Sick for Chocolate

No matter how sick I am, I am never lucky enough to lose my appetite.  I am just finally starting to get over this winter crud that has been going around and hanging around.  I'm talking about the head-exploding, sinus-closing, teeth-aching, ear-pain-inducing, ton-of-bricks-sitting-on-my-chest, feverish, body-convulsing, every-joint-and-muscle-screaming-in-pain crud.  I am sick.  The doctor said that my sinus infection was "out of control" and that I had influenza symptoms.  Yuck.
You would think that barely being able to get out of bed would have helped me lose a few needed pounds.  But do you think I could stay away from the homemade brownies?  Heck no!  I couldn't even taste the fudgey peanut buttery goodness, but that didn't stop me (this may have something to do with my strong belief that there is nothing that the rich dark brown sugary sweetness of chocolate can't cure)!  I couldn't taste the entire gallon of fruit punch Gatorade, and I couldn't even smell the garlic and cheese layered wonder that is lasagna.  But I ate it all anyway.  Boy did I eat.  I suppose that my body needed fuel to fight the crud, right?  And these sub-zero temperatures make EVERYONE super hungry, right?  We'll just go with that (did anyone else hear those crickets?  Weird.).
This has been a bit of a trend with me.  Let me explain.  In high school, I was warned after my wisdom teeth extraction that I wouldn't be able to eat solid foods for a week or so.  I was eating steak the same day.  In college, after my tonsils and adenoids were removed, while in recovery I asked if I could have something to eat.  I ate just like normal, right away.  Seriously, normal, right away.
Like I have said before, I love to eat.  I am sitting here, shivering in my KU Snuggie (yeah I have one), struggling to breathe through my nose, I have a horrible excuse for a voice, and I would just really like to have some ice cream (the brownies went missing... someone ate them).  Maybe I need to go to chocolate rehab.  All I do know is if I'm well enough to get to the gym on Monday, I am going to skip my weekly weigh-in.
Eat Chocolate.  Love yourself.  Remember... you're In Good Company.

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