Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sugar Detox

I have SO been slacking in the blog area lately!  But to be fair, I've also been slacking in the areas of exercising and healthy eating as well (although the scale says I've lots another pound, how in the heck does that happen?).  In fact, it seems like I have been on a 3-week-long sugar bender.  Seriously.  I am considering doing a sugar detox.  This was supposed to start on Monday (which was ruined with lemonade and chocolate chips), then yesterday I enjoyed a delicious (with a capital 'D') peanut butter cup Cyclone from Spangles.  So here leaves today to start this sugar detox (although I'm not completely convinced it will actually start today, seeing how Wednesday night meals at church always include a delicious dessert).  But, so far, so good (if you don't count my two tiny bowls of Special K cereal - seriously, who sets those serving sizes?).
I think the problem with sugar is that once we have it in our bodies, we want more of it.  To me, it feels like an addictive substance.  I know how I feel when I crave sugar, searching through the cabinets for something that I may have missed when I looked 5 minutes ago, opening the refrigerator every 15 seconds to see if something new grew, wondering how terrible it would be to drink the entire bottle of my son's reduced sugar apple juice.  When you are experiencing a craving, it is all you can think about.
I have successfully kicked my soda habit (although I have had a few Sprites lately, and I will confess that I enjoyed a regular Dr. Pepper and a regular Pepsi over the weekend), and although my hand feels quite lonely without the company of the cold aluminum can of dark liquid fizzy caffeine deliciousness...... sigh.....  Where were we?  Oh, pop, okay I don't drink pop anymore.  Woo-freaking-hoo.
So back to my sugar detox... we all know that I generally don't support the complete exile of any food from one's diet, but I am sort of at a loss of how to kick my dependence on sugar.  I've tried limiting my intake (although if I have it in my house, 'intake' means to eat it until it disappears), but it just doesn't seem to work.  I watch commercials for candy and instantly start making a grocery list so that I can pick up something sweet in the checkout line (of course I get something for my husband too, to ease the guilt a little).  And do you think my 'something sweet' makes it to my house?  Heck no!  I usually have devoured it before I am out of the parking lot.
So, needless to say, I am in serious need of a detox... maybe even rehab.  I can just picture the men in white coats dragging me out of my front door while I crumble into a sobbing mess begging for just one last sour gummy worm.

I honestly feel like if I can get the sugar out of my system for a week or two (now I'm only talking processed sugars, I will continue to eat fruits and such), I will be able to make wiser choices in regards to sweets.  Maybe I'll even be able to keep chocolate in the house for more than a few hours (it tends to vanish into thin air... or fat rear... whatever).  I don't intend to fill myself with artificial sweeteners either; I believe they are much worse than actual sugar.  I'll keep you posted on the actual start date of my sugar detox, it mostly depends on my ability (or lack thereof) to refuse dessert this evening.  I'll let you know when the withdrawal symptoms kick in.

Remember... you're In Good Company.

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