Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fat Girl on a Mission

As I sit here munching on my on favorite of all Girl Scout Cookies (Samoas), I want to tell you about my new workout schedule that I have come up with (can you smell the irony?).  I was having a really hard time deciding what classes to do and when.  I was also really concerned that I would get so many classes going, that I wouldn't have time for weightlifting, which is an essential part of weight loss.
Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays I will focus on lifting weights and calisthenics.  I will do one week of upper body weights, the next week will be lower body.  My calisthenics change frequently.  But I am certain to do 60 reps on each weight machine before heading to the basement for abs, squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.  I have become really fond of the Kettlebells lately, as they are great for oblique work.  I also am a fan of the Medicine Ball and the Bosu Balance Ball for ab and upper body work.
Bosu Balance Ball
Medicine Ball

Mondays will be strictly weights and floor/calisthenics, unless I fall off my rocker and go to back to Spinning class (this is highly unlikely).  Tuesdays, I will go to Zumba, followed directly by Power Yoga.  Tuesdays are my very favorite days, by far.  Wednesdays, after I have completed my weight training, I will go to Aqua Zumba.  This is exactly what it sounds like: Zumba in the water.  I impressed the crap out of myself today, put on a bathing suit and tried it for the first time (surprisingly, no one was permanently blinded by my glaringly white thighs).  It was crazy fun, and a crazy good workout.  I was absolutely exhausted after class, and had worked up quite the appetite (not a great time to have Girl Scout Cookies lying around).
Thursdays, I will do Turbo Kick, followed by Power Yoga.  If you have never been to a Turbo Kick class, I highly suggest you try one.  It's sort of a Tae Bo meets Dance Aerobics meets Bootcamp type workout.  It will Turbo Kick your booty into shape (did you see what I did there?).  I am glad the class is towards the end of the week, so I can recover over the weekend.  Fridays are dedicated to weights and floor/calisthenics.
Occasionally on Mondays and Fridays, I will ride the stationary bike or get on the elliptical machine, but it's nice to have a couple of easier days here and there.  Saturdays are days off from exercise (aside from the occasional shopping experience).  Some Sundays I will go to Zumba or Power Yoga or both, but not always.  Before you go thinking I'm a workout Nazi, know that this schedule isn't set in stone by any means.  I certainly miss a day here and there (and occasionally, when circumstances are out of my control, I will miss even a week at a time), but such is life.
At this point, I have plateaued at my 50 pound weight loss.  This can get a little discouraging sometimes, but I need to be patient (this is hard, I am not genetically a patient person).  I am seeing more results in the mirror than I am on the scale, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  So many times, we put so much focus on the numbers on the scale, that we forget our bodies are building muscle and burning fat while we are exercising, even if it's not reflected by loss of pounds.  I know eventually I will start losing again, but to help this along, I have GOT to start eating a little (fine, a lot) healthier and making my portions a little (okay, a lot) smaller.  My very wise friend, Sarah, told me that muscles are made 70% in the kitchen 30% in the gym.  I suppose we make our muscles at the gym but choose whether or not to show them in the kitchen.  Either way I am screwing myself because this fat girl LOVES to eat.  And I do mean LOVES to eat.  I am having a really hard time making healthier choices, my sugar detox went to you-know-where in a handbasket, and my cabinets are full of junk again.
I don't want to be crazy radical about diet and exercise.  I don't think it's normal or healthy to give up every food you love.  I just want to be healthy.  I want to feel good about my body.  I don't need to be skinny, I just want to be fit.  I just have a sneaking suspicion that getting fit and healthy will require my mouth to be wired shut; although if there was chocolate at stake, I would more than likely chew through the wire anyway.
Be healthy.  Love yourself.  And Remember... you're In Good Company.


  1. Maybe I should join you in this weight lose journey.I was doing good and I have lost my way.
    By the way we ordered 10 Boxes of Girl scout cookies, you know because our daughter is a Girl Scout we Had to support her, well we had them one week and all TEN BOXES are gone.
    I really enjoy your blog because I totally can relate to you.

  2. It can be so easey to lose your way I get lost all the time. I am thankful that I started this blog because it helps to keep me accountable.
    I ate nearly two entire boxes of the GS cookies, and finally just sent the last of them to work with the hubby this morning. I can't handle the temptation. I can't even imagine having a little one in scouts and being obligated to support.
    Thanks for leaving a comment! I always love getting them :)


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