Monday, March 14, 2011

Updated Plan of Attack

I was so darn proud of myself a few weeks ago for coming up with my new workout routine that I would follow religiously come heck or high water, darnit.  However, my routine, that I carefully created so to be able to work each and every part of my body adequately, is going to have to change.  I am now teaching Yoga on Sundays and each morning Monday through Thursday (I am really excited about this).  On the weekdays, my classes are in the last time slot offered if you are keeping your kiddos in the on-site daycare.  The issue with this, is that if I want to participate in another type of workout, it has to be before my Yoga classes.
Because I need all my energy for my classes (believe me, because your instructor is working on doing every move, pose, lift, etc. absolutely perfect, she is getting a much more intense workout than you are), I am nervous about attending other cardio-intense classes prior to my own.  The other option would be to go again in the evenings or very early morning before my husband goes to work (those who know me personally are laughing at the thought of me trying to get up before the sun).  My workout-buddy and good friend Ashley suggested I leave the prior classes 15 minutes early so that I can cool off, drink some cold water, and prepare for Yoga.  I may take her advice and add to the list: remove raccoon eyes, eat a small snack, and reapply deodorant (no one likes a smelly instructor).
It may be hard at first, but I'm not going to get the physique I want unless I work hard.  I would just hate to run out of steam in the middle of teaching, although my pride probably wouldn't allow that to happen.  Yoga is an amazing workout, don't get me wrong, but I need to mix it up a bit, so I don't burn myself out.  Plus I love lifting weights, I need all the abdominal work I can get, and Zumba & Turbo Kick are just so darn fun (not to mention the only cardio I get... have I mentioned that I loathe the treadmill?).
So now that I've used your precious time to think out loud, or at least on your computer monitor.  I believe we have a new schedule.  Drum roll please (like you care enough to have to have to hear it with a drum roll)...  SundayPower Yoga.  Monday: Weights, Calisthenics and Yoga.  Tuesday: Zumba and Yoga.  Wednesday Weights, Calisthenics and Yoga.  Thursday: Turbo Kick and Yoga.  Friday: Weights and Calisthenics.  Saturday: Nap on the couch.  Each week I will alternate upper body and lower body weights and calisthenics.  I may alternate which side of my body I lay on for my Saturday naps as well.
Moving on to the next order of business... diet.  My very wise friend, Sarah (who manages a General Nutrition Center, is a fitness enthusiast, as well as an aspiring fitness model) gave me a kind, yet stern, lecture (via Facebook... which is quite lucky so I could copy and paste her words without worry of misquoting her) about my previous blog on gluttony.  I lean on Sarah's expert knowledge a lot, and I do mean a lot.  I thought I would share with you some of she said to me:

"Girl here it comes...  DON'T COUNT YOUR CALORIES EVER AGAIN!  Do you understand how many calories I eat per day?  It is definitely quality, not lack of quantity that makes weight loss work. You HAVE to quit playing the food games. It's about ...eating when your hungry and until you're satiated, not fully engorged. This is probably going to come across... strict, but I can't explain it any other way. When you exercise like you're doing, and you deprive your body of... less calories you need, you will never lose fat nor gain muscle. I am EXTREMELY proud of you for realizing your vices though...  I KNOW you are more disciplined than you're leading us to believe. You just haven't made it a priority to make the full lifestyle change. And you don't have to. You have a beautiful little boy and a loving husband....  With the amount of exercising you do, you have to fuel, put gas in the tank. Otherwise, your body will store everything..."

Needless to say, I won't be counting my calories.  After thinking about Sarah's advice, I realized she was right.  It's ridiculous to count calories when you are exercising on a regular basis.  I may start a food log (calories not included), just to help keep myself accountable for the types of food I take in... (I tend to have selective memory loss when it comes to the foods I eat).  I'm not sure what my exact plan of action will be, although I will say that I am pretty proud of myself for the food choices I've made in the past week (minus that one ice cream treat).
Also, at risk of sounding conceded, I'm really proud of myself for successfully teaching the classes that I have taken over.  It takes a certain amount of courage to stand in front of a room full of people and show them how to twist themselves in to various Yoga poses.  It's hard to know how people would respond to me and my style of teaching.  But I've gotten a lot of really positive feedback and I am excited about it.  I love teaching Yoga, and I love helping other people meet their fitness goals, at the same time I am working on my own.
Be healthy, love yourself and remember... you're In Good Company.

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