Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am having the hardest time getting motivated this week.  Okay over the last few weeks.  All I want to do is sleep.  I'm having a hard time staying positive, or even being nice for that matter.  My poor husband.  I was so worried about my lack of energy that I dug out a leftover pregnancy test from under the bathroom sink, blew off the dust and... well you know the rest.  No I'm not pregnant.  HUGE sigh of relief... we're not ready to expand this little family just yet.
Yesterday, as I lay practically drooling on the couch, next to my snoring dog, staring at the explosion of toys on my living room floor, willing them to put themselves away (often my house looks like Toys R Us vomited everywhere), I started to think about what was causing my lack of energy.  I was trying to figure out what has changed from a few weeks ago when I was feeling 'on top of the world', almost bursting with positive energy.  What is different now?
For starters I have been on a baking kick.  Recently, I have made two loaves of banana bread, two batches of my favorite brownies, a cheesecake, and a German chocolate cake (not to mention the Hershey's Drops and Reece's Peanut Butter Eggs I bought).  And, if you're like me, you know that baked goods and sweets have a way of disappearing quickly.  I've been so used to having my two-desserts-per-day quota met, that it feels weird to not have anything sweet in the house to munch on (the remaining brownies and candy went to work with my husband today).
Also, I have mentioned that I'm back on the hooch (IE: Diet Dr. Pepper).  Almost overnight, I went from being soda-free for several months to three cans per day.  Can we say addiction?  It's a little ridiculous that I have that much lack of control, and this is the reason that I will never ever ever pick up another cigarette again (it's been 2 years 5 1/2 months since my last puff).  So what happens when I drink soda?  What's the big deal?  I don't drink water.  I take a few sips before I workout and maybe a few sips during, and that's it.  Yikes.  It's quite possible that the 80% of my body that is supposed to be water is actually carbonated and full of caffeine.
Lastly, I have been slacking in the area of exercise.  WHAT?!?!?!  I have been so lazy lately.  I've been showing up to teach my Yoga classes and then heading home.  Occasionally I've done a few crunches or weight reps prior to my class, but not much else.  Cardio?  Get out of here.  Zumba?  Nope.  What has happened to me?  I've turned into a bonafide slacker.  Lazy.  I've become everything I've ever encouraged you not to be (with the exception of Yoga).
Those are three very real answers to why I have no energy.  1. I've been filling my body full of crap (more often than the occasional indulgence we should all be allowed) instead of foods that nourish me.  2. I'm dehydrated.  Enough said.  3. I'm adding to this vicious cycle by not making myself move.  The lazier you are, the lazier you feel!

So what am I going to do?  Good question.  I'm glad you asked.  First, I'm going to quit baking for a while (or I'm going to continue baking but gift away all of the goods, after I've tested them of course).  Second, as soon as these last few cans of hooch are gone, I'm going to quit drinking soda.  Sadly, with me, it has to be all or none.  And for the health of me (and especially my poor kidneys), it has to be none.  On a slightly pathetic note, I've already been having nightmares about taking the last Diet Dr. Pepper out of the refrigerator.  Lastly, I'm going to have to get my round rump out of bed earlier and get a move on!  I will quit making excuses.  I will be more active so I can feel more active.
Let's face it... the kinder we are to our bodies, the better we feel all around.  The more active we are, the more water we drink, the better we eat, the more amazing we feel on the inside and out.  And most importantly, I am more apt to have a positive attitude on the days I work out and eat better.
Be Healthy.  Be Active.  Love yourself.  And remember... you're In Good Company.


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