Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Fall, please hurry

I know that I recently posted about how much I was going to make myself love summer, but the truth is, I'm sick of it.  Kansas (as well as much of the country) has been hunkered down in a standoff against humanity by keeping the temperatures at or around 105 (with a heat index of 200) -- many days the actual temperature has been up to 111, seriously.  It's too hot to go swimming in the afternoons (by then, the swimming pools feel like hot tubs).  Honestly, it's just too hot to be outside, period -- this proves difficult with a toddler who begs to play outside constantly (he's even begun bringing me my shoes in hopes that we can go out).  Drops of rain are so rare that if one is spotted, people camp out at their windows with their noses pressed against glass searching for the sight of just one more drop -- it's like we've never seen rain before.  You can't step outside without melting, farmers have lost their crops (thus their incomes), people are dying of heat strokes -- it's madness out there.  I will admit that we were very thankful for the 'good soaker rain' (as my husband calls it) we received this evening.

Sometime during the wee hours of last night, our air conditioner quit working (meaning our house was unbearably hot by 8:00am).  This is happening left and right (and front and back) around here because air conditioning units are having to work double time around the clock to attempt to keep up with the blistering hot air.  I took Daisy to a friend's house to keep cool while the munchkin and I went to the gym.  I suppose it's a little weird to head to the gym to beat the heat, but that's what we did.  I was able to get in a full hour of upper body weights and abs, followed by 60 minutes of instructing Yoga.  Thankfully our unit was repaired (with only minor damage to the bank account) by early afternoon and naps were taken in comfort.  Tonight, bedtime prayers with our son included requests for cooler weather.

Needless to say, I'm ready for Fall.  I mean really ready.  I'm ready let the sun shine in through open windows, I'm ready to be able to go on evening walks with my family, I'm ready for post-bedtime glasses of wine on the deck, I'm ready for jeans and long sleeves and scarves, I'm ready for my eyeliner to not melt down to my collarbones when I only just think of leaving the house.  I'm ready for early morning thunderstorms and the deep rich reds and golds that Autumn brings.  I'm ready. 

Summertime, you've made your presence known.  It's time for you to go.

Dear Fall, please hurry.

Keep cool.  Pray for cooler weather.  And thank you for keeping me In Good Company.


  1. Totally agree!!! And I love that outfit set! I can't wait to lose enough weight to look for something like that! You would think this heat making me sweat like crazy would help out a bit more!!! I have always hated summers in Kansas! Bring on fall and winter!!! Miley was just asking about when it was going to snow today!!!


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