Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm not certain, but I don't think that I have spent more than four weekends at home in the past four months.  Insanity.  Burning the candles at both ends.  All of that.  On top of all of the weekend traveling, it's deer season for my avid-hunter-husband, so I've been on my own with the munchkin quite a lot.  I found a sign that says, "We interrupt this marriage for hunting season."  How appropriate.

I learned of a woman whose husband sends her a dozen roses at the beginning of deer season each year.  Upon telling my husband this, he said "So you're saying I need to start sending you flowers?"  I said, "No, I'm saying you need to start sending me shoes."  Priorities, ladies!

Speaking of shoes... I was finally able to reward myself with a pair of Vibram Five Fingers!  I nearly bought them early when I was stuck at 181 for over a week, I kept telling myself 'close enough'.  But I made myself wait.  The day I got to 180, we took a detour in our road trip so I could get them.

I asked the sales clerk to try on a pair of his Vibrams (pronouncing it "VI-brums").  He promptly said "Okay, a little education for you... it's actually pronounced 'VEE-brums'."  I strained in order to keep from rolling my eyes at his Tim Gunn voice.  The style I selected was the Bikila (which, as I was politely informed, I was also saying incorrectly).  Bikila actually rhymes with tequila -- this I can remember.

Helpful-Harry was super impressed with my ability to get my new shoes on so quickly, without help.  This left me to wonder what kinds of people come in to try on shoes.  Aside from my husband calling my new gym shoes my "freak-of-nature-shoes", I've really been enjoying them.  Setting a goal for myself, with a reward at the end, was a great motivator.  Now I just need to figure out what to get when I hit 160.  Something tells me diamonds are in order...

Be healthy.  Reward yourself.  And thanks for keeping me In Good Company.


  1. I saw someone wearing shoes like those a couple years ago and really wanted some! Closest I can get to bare feet I think!! Congrats on hitting your goal and good luck to 160!! I know you can do it!

  2. I guess a lot of people say it wrong. I work in a shoe store and people always said VI-brums or just called them the five finger shoes. The term five finger makes me laugh because one would think it'd be five toed, but that's a random thought of my own!


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