Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mater-vention - *updated*

I think we need to have a 'Mater-vention' (you know like 'tamater', without the 'ta')...  My child is obsessed with Disney Pixar: Cars and Cars 2; and I do mean obsessed.
Wearing his Cars jammies, sitting in his Cars chair.
Everything we talk about is Cars, Cars, Cars.  Here is a little sampling of what meals are like at our house:

"You need to use your inside voice."
"What Mater say?"
"There is no yelling at the dinner table."
"Please stop throwing your food."
"Hi Koko Nini (Uncle Topolino)."
"I am talking to you.  Stop throwing your food."
"Stop yelling.  Use your inside voice."
"Grem.  Acer.  Francesco.  Holly Shiftwell.  FINN MCMISSLE!  Sally.  Torque.  Red.  HI MATER!!!"
"Settle down.  Don't throw your milk."
"McQueen milk.  Snot Rod!  Ah ah ah CHOO!"
"Don't throw your milk.  Does your milk need to go to time out?"
"Blue car name Raoule.  Yellow car Miguel.  Night night Carla."
"Listen to me.  Take bites."
"Speed.  I speed.  KA-CHOW!"
"Take bites."
"DOC HUDSON!!!  Turn dirt.  Piston cup!"
"Take a bite of your food."
"Chick Hicks mean tricks.  King crashed.  Oh no!"
"Stop talking.  Take bites."
"Lightening McQueen pull Bessie!"
"Take bites."
"Tow Mater.  Tow truck."
"Eat your dinner."
"What Ramone say?"
"What does Ramone say?"
"Low and slow!"
"Okay.  Eat your food."
"What FILMORE say?!?!"

You would think that I let him watch the movies every single day, but that is not the case.  We read the books almost daily, and his new thing is to ask me to sing songs about the different characters.  I made the mistake of obliging one time, now this happens multiple times daily.  If he's lucky they rhyme; if he's really lucky, the same tune continues throughout the entire diddy.
In his birthday jammies made by Grandma.
Today we were leaving the gym and a very sweet lady said hello to him and asked how he was doing.  He responded with a "Play Guido!"  I politely smiled and continued walking towards my car, trying not to see the confused (and possibly offended) look on her face.

I do realize that I have helped create this little Cars monster.  I planned a Cars themed birthday party for him last month (and it seemed that Christmas this year was also sponsored, by Cars).  I let him take naps in his Lightening McQueen slippers (he calls them his 'Queen shoes') and with his 'Squishy McQueen (which is actually a bath sponge), and I even buy the graham snacks that are in the shape of the Cars characters (he calls these his 'Mater nacks').  I guess I just understand that his milk tastes better out of a McQueen cup, and food tastes best when eaten off of a Mater plate with a McQueen fork (just like broccoli tastes better when it is called 'little trees', and peas are called 'French peas' <and they have an accent, like on Veggie Tales>).

Looking at Cars pictures in a birthday party magazine.

Giving me the stink-eye because he was afraid I was going to take away
'Squishy McQueen'.
I suppose I can't be too irritated.  I imagine that a subject he is excited to talk about is only advancing his verbal skills, although I wish he would decide to talk about something else every now and then, for Pete's sake.  He has also learned about going fast and slow.  And we have been able to use his cars to teach him about colors.

So maybe we'll hold off on the Mater-vention for now.  But, in the meantime... this mommy might need a glass of wine.  As always...  Thank you for keeping me In Good Company.

I felt that I needed to add the converstaion I had with my munchkin at lunch today after he threw bread at our dog.

"Do we throw?"
"That's right.  We do not throw.  Say 'I'm sorry.'"
"I am speed."
"No.  Say 'I'm SORRY.'"
"I.  Am.  Speed."
"Say 'I'm sorry.'"
"I am speed.  Ka-chow!"
"Say 'I'M SORRY.'"
"Speed.  I am speed."
"Say 'Sorry Mommy.'"
"Sorry Sarge."
"No.  Say 'Sorry Mommy.'"
"Sorry Sarge."
"Look at me.  Say 'Sorry Mommy.'"
"Sorry Mommy."
"That's better.  Thank you."
"Play with Sarge?"

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