Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's been, once again, way too long since I've written.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to write a new blog post at least every other week.  Since we're just now in the second week of the new year, I'd say I'm doing well.

My other new year's resolution is to not partake in gossip when it is going around me.  Which I am find incredibly difficult, as often "girl-talk" is gossip in disguise.

I always have CrossFit goals.  But this year I am aiming (just as I was in 2012) to get that damn elusive unassisted pull-up, and (this one is new) to stop saying "I can't".  So far, so good -- on the second one anyway.

Tomorrow we are heading to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate the wedding of my husband's brother and his gorgeous fiance.  I could not be more thrilled to welcome her in the family (and also to see my brother-in-law so incredibly happy).

In a bad bit of luck I wound up sick this weekend, as did my husband and son.  While the little guy is happily being spoiled at my parents' house, my big guy is almost over his sinus infection.  I got lucky enough to get a super bug that infected my lungs.  I went to the doctor and had to get shot in the ass with antibiotics and steroids; and also a prescription for oral antibiotics and steroids (as well super strong cough syrup).  So I feel pretty good today, but I'm not sure if it's because of the crazy amount of steroids coursing through my veins, or if I'm actually getting better.  Either way, I couldn't sleep or relax if I wanted to and I am pumped up and ready to go (I have gotten SO much done today).  My doctor said that I should be ready for tequila shots by tomorrow.  That would be awesome if I planned on taking shots -- the last time I had an evening where shots were involved, I wound up throwing up in my parents' back yard -- I know what you're thinking, "she is so classy" -- but that was 6 weeks ago and I've grown up since then.

The best part of it all is that I have to wear a mask on the airplane.  My doctor actually ordered that I do so in order to not contract any extra nasty infections from the unfiltered recirculated airplane air.  So I'm going to be "that woman".  I really thought about writing "tuberculosis" across the front of my mask just for grins, but I'm not going to for two reasons.  #1 - I don't think they would let me on the plane and #2 - we fly out super early and I don't think I could spell tuberculosis at 4 am.

This is a conversation via text messaging I with my sister (whom I call Ber) regarding this sickness debacle.

B: How's your ass?
Me: Big and lumpy.
B: I meant from the shots.
Me: Oh.  It's fine.
B: I fully expect a picture of you in the mask.
Me: I fully intend to take one.
B: You need to make sure you hack and cough a lot so the person next to you will give you extra room.
Me: That person would be my husband.  But that's a really good idea, because he's a big armrest hog.
B: I thought maybe you were flying in a row of three.
Me: Possibly.  I bet if a stranger sits next to me he will be pissed.  I still need to think of something witty to write across the front of my mask, like maybe "Stop staring, my mouth herpes are angry today."
B: Awesome.

I'll let you know how the creative mask writing goes.

So, if all goes well, I will be spending my next several days with no phone, sitting by the pool, drinking too many margaritas, and doing some yoga on the shore.

Viva la Mexico!!!!!

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