Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Homemade Protein Mocha Frappe

I have a new favorite drink.  I mean it.  I love it.  So then why don't I marry it, you might ask.  I might.  I just might.

I can't take all of the credit for this recipe.  My good friend (and sister-mom from my Alpha Gamma Delta days) mentioned that she sometimes freezes or refrigerates her leftover coffee.  A brain child was created, and a Homemade Protein Mocha Frappe was born.

First, brew your favorite coffee the way you would normally make it -- I like mine strong; like insanely strong.  And then pour it into an ice cube tray and keep it in the freezer until the coffee is frozen.  If you aren't sure what an ice cube tray is, ask your mom, or maybe your grandma.  One small pot of coffee made two trays of ice cubes for me, so I am storing the extras in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.

Fill your one-serving blender cup nearly to the top with Frozen Coffee Cubes.
Add one scoop of Chocolate-Flavored Protein Powder.

Pour in Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk until your ice cubes are nearly covered (the thickness of your Frappe will depend on the amount of coffe cubes and almond milk you are using).
I'm a blogger, not a photographer.  Don't judge.
And then blend.
To ensure your Frappe is completely blended, look for the line of
demarcation (where the color slightly varies).
As it becomes more blended, the line will raise
higher and higher until it eventually disappears.
Stir and enjoy.  That's it.  Seriously.  Only three ingredients.  Simple.  Healthy.  Delicious.
Try one, you won't be disappointed.  You might even thank me.  Or you can make two and enjoy it In Good Company.


  1. Looks really good! Too bad I don't like coffee. I will definitely have to show this to Mike since he loves coffee drinks like this and it's super easy. :)

  2. That looks delicious! Can't wait to try it! I've always wanted a magic bullet, too. Glad to finally find out it's of use to people. I was always skeptical.

    1. I love my Magic Bullet! I went through three of the Hamilton Beach versions quite quickly before I finally bought the actual Magic Bullet. I have had it for two years and use it on a near daily basis.
      Thank you for commenting! Let me know how you like the Homemade Protein Mocha Frappe!


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