Tuesday, December 10, 2013

100 Days of Thanks: Days 31-45

I intend to check in every so often during these 100Days of Thanks.  Giving thanks daily, even for just one small – or large – thing, is making an impact on my daily outlook.  It’s not too late to join me!

Day 31: Arriving home safely

Day 32: A helpful husband

Day 33: A wonderful realtor

Day 34: Cool crisp temperatures

Day 35: Little K's pre-school teacher, Ms. Becky: The Toddler Whisperer

Day 36: The offer on our house!!

Day 37: Hot showers – not puke showers

Day 38: I’m thankful Mr. B and Daisy are home because I caught whatever stomach bug Little K had and I am not getting out of this bed (and neither is Daisy from the looks of it)

Day 39: Honeycrisp apples and Smucker’s natural creamy peanut butter

Day 40: Our wise and caring pediatrician

Day 41: At-home breathing treatments that keep our son out of the hospital

Day 42: Our baby boy turning 4

Day 43: Festive cookies brining smiles

44: Naps

45: Songs of Christmas

Feel free to post your thanksgivings (and how Eucharisteo is changing your life) in the comment section below.  As always, thank you for keeping me In Good Company.

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