Wednesday, January 15, 2014

100 Days of Gratitude: Days 46-76

With all of the craziness going on in our lives recently (sickness, holidays, traveling, moving…), I have slacked a bit in posting my 100 days of thanks.  Even though I have kept my gratitude to myself, the changes in my life have been tremendous.  Eucharisteo is changing the way I look at things.

Day 46 – I am thankful that Little K is feeling so much better.  RSV truly sucks.

Day 47 – I am thankful that Little K's birthday cookies were such a big hit at school and that he was well enough to participate in his school’s Christmas program (which was adorable).
Little K with his teacher Ms. Becky.

Day 48 – I am thankful for our local coffee shop and the delicious sugar-free skinny vanilla lattes with an extra shot of espresso they serve.

Day 49 – I am thankful for all of the kind and wonderful birthday wishes I received.  They made turning 30 much less terrible.

Day 50 – I am thankful to have a job that I can do from home while wearing pajamas.

Day 51 – I am thankful for too many margaritas and lots of laughter.

Day 52 – I am thankful for headache medicine and a day of napping.

Day 53 – I am thankful for safe travels.         

Day 54 – I am thankful for a wonderful Christmas celebration with my in-laws.

Day 55 – I am thankful for the Christ child who was born this day to bring peace to a weary world.

Day 56 – I am so thankful for the tremendous Christmas celebration with my family.

Day 57 – I am thankful to get to celebrate my birthday with some of my very favorite people.

Day 58 – I am thankful for safe travels home.

Day 59 – I am thankful for Little K's enthusiasm in helping pack boxes.

Day 60 – I am thankful for modern technology.

Day 61 – I am thankful for getting early possession of our new home!!

Day 62 – I am thankful for our wonderful friend who is helping us move on a holiday.

Day 63 – I am thankful for cleaning products.  Cleaning someone else’s dirt and germs makes my skin crawl.

Day 64 – I am thankful for a local moving company who moved all our large items without damaging anything.

Day 65 – I am thankful for my amazing parents who drove 4 hours to help us get settled into our new home.

Day 66 – I am thankful for the way fresh paint makes a space look and feel.

Day 67 – I am thankful that Little K has transitioned seamlessly into our new home.  He loves it!

Day 68 – I am thankful to be back at CrossFit.  But 3 weeks off made today seem super tough!

Day 69 – I am thankful for warmth in this cold.

Day 70 – I am thankful that Daisy is starting to adjust to our new home and that she has finally stopped hiding and shaking.

Day 71 – I am thankful for a quiet night in.

Day 72 – I am thankful that we were able to take Little K to see Monster Jam.  He had a blast!

Day 73 – I am thankful for lazy Sundays.

Day 74 – I am thankful for a CrossFit WOD that made me feel strong and empowered.

Day 75 – I am thankful for playing “tag-you’re-it”, having stair-jumping races, summersault contests, and monster truck races with my 4 year old.  He’s a really great kid.

Day 76 – I am thankful for a long coffee date with a dear friend.

Whether or not you share your eucharisteo with me, I hope that gratitude is changing your life as it is mine.  I am thankful that you continue to keep me In Good Company.

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