Thursday, March 12, 2015

Parenting is Like This...

Parenting is like this, one moment your sweet little no-longer-a-baby is snuggling on your lap and tells you he loves you and wants you to marry you.

Then the next moment you are emptying trash and find out that the trash can in his room is full of pee.  And you find this out because when you are dumping it into the outdoor trash can, you get pee all over your hand and down your arm.  And he has no explanation for this, can't remember when he did it, and knows that he did it no less than two times; but assures you that he definitely wiped his wiener with a Kleenex. "Parenting is Like This"
There are days....
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And parenting is like this, your child begs you to read him just one more story and to lay next to him just a little longer at bed time.

Then the next day he says, "Mom, if you died, I would get to spend all my time with Daddy, right?  I'd get to go to work with him and play with him all day long!  If I went to heaven, I probably wouldn't miss you." "Parenting is Like This"
Kids. Are. Creepy.

Parenting is like that.

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