Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kids Can Be Assholes

I have never been modest about changing clothes in front of Little K.  I guess because I want him to understand what an imperfect normal female body looks like.  Some day he will have a wife who might be insecure about her body, and I would like for him to have seen more than just the media’s warped and edited version of women.  I want him to be able to tell her that he finds her perfectly normal body absolutely perfect.  Click here for a more eloquently written article on the subject.

As I was getting into the shower the other day, I heard giggles from Little K.

What’s so funny?” I asked.

“That looks like a face!”

“What does?”

“Well, that right there looks like a mouth, your belly button looks like a nose, and those two things right there?  Those look like eyes!”

“Oh!” I said, laughing.

“AAAAAGH!  It’s staring at me!”

And then he ran away.  After I looked at my mushy body in the mirror, I realized he was right.  My belly button is completely consumed by chub, and my lower stomach is so stretched out and saggy that I look like I have a happy face on my torso at all times.  I suppose it could be worse.

I’ve rendered an artistic drawing, complete with pink stretch marks.  Because I have no shame.
I might have been a little kinder in the waist than I should have.

Tonight after dinner, Little K looked at me and said, “Mom your stomach looks a yittle bit fat.”  I chose not to outwardly react to his statement.  Because the truth is, I am a little bit fat – but I want to teach him that bodies don’t define a person.  He is just being an honest little boy who meant absolutely no malice by the comment – but my feelings were hurt nonetheless.    While I want to teach him not to feel ashamed of his body or to make anyone else feel ashamed of their body, I am absolutely embarrassed of the way I look.  So I said nothing.  Mr. B gave him a stern talking to, and explained how rude it was to say such a thing.  Little K then told me, “I only said it was a YITTLE bit fat, mom.”

*Little K can say his Ls, but he still says “yittle” – I’m not going to correct him because it’s adorable and I don’t have to.*

There is no point to this post except that kids can be assholes.  But I’ve been needing a little kick in the gumption to get back to the gym – so, I guess, thanks?

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